Sunday, October 11, 2009


I know its been a minute since I posted some shit, but its been a rough month, and with my license getting suspended for some bullshit, my Iphone taking a dump on me, and my camera hitting the floor at light speed, I really haven't been that jazzed about keeping up with my " blog ". Now I know you're thinking boo hoo... Poor li'l ol' me... But on the contrary!!! I've been taking some time to look at myself over the past few months, and outside of having the BEST SUMMER EVER!!!! I really haven't moved that far from where I was just over a year ago, and that's NO BUENO!!! I need to take the initiative to make things in my life more comfortable for myself and the people around me... Summer is over, PARTY TIME is OVER!!! I had a few selfish reasons for taking the summer to get as HAMMERED as humanly possible!!! But now I know that time has come to an end... I just " celebrated " my 36th birthday last week and I feel pretty good for someone my " age ", but lately that anxious feeling has been creeping up on me and I don't like it at all... Feels like I'm running from something, and all outside opinions aside... I am... I'm running from me... And not to get all self deprecating and EMO!!! It's a fact... I need some stability... financially, emotionally and internally and 20 tequila shots are not gonna fix that... Well maybe for a few hours... But all jokes aside I think it's about time I play the background and save the " partying " for when I can afford to do it somewhere other than the 4 block radius that is my life... I can only speak for myself in this situation, but as of late I've been getting the feeling that I'm not the only one who feels this way... Maybe its the cold setting in, or the shorter days, all I know is that getting my SHIT together seems like the only thing that is really gonna make me happy, and I know you might be thinking DUH!!! but somethings are easier said that done... Don't believe me? Take a good look at yourself... So stay tuned... I promise to update as much as possible, and drop a few gems on you now and then... Oh and I WILL continue to post the most beautiful women you have ever seen in your life!!! and the party isn't over per say... It's just time to get my ducks lined up so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor... " So therefor say no more, all my real people's get the love , and all the frontin' ass nigga's get deceased..." P.