Friday, October 16, 2009


Well I was gonna take a picture of my new camera with a shittier camera, but then I thought that would be gay since I'm trying to shed light on my new birthday present. Now times have been tough for the P this past month, and on top of having my license suspended for some bullshit, my IPhone taking a shit on me, in a drunken stupor, I dropped my less than a year old camera and watched it shatter into a thousand pieces. Thats why I love birthday presents and the people who give them to me... Especially the lovely Aesthetic who purchased this little black beauty for me. Murdered out, 12 megapixels, shoots in HD fucking A!!! Gonna get some good times caught with this thing!!! So THANK YOU PRETTY LADY!!! for keeping me able to update my shit with new flics!!! Oh and SUPER SHOUT OUTS to Brand E-Z for the Best Buy connect and Ed Opi for the Hosoi and Dogtown wall mounts and I'm OUT!!!