Saturday, October 24, 2009


Got the message that Early Man was in town playing at The Casbah. Now every time they've been to SD I've always been on my way to do something out of town every time!!! But not this time... Thinking it was gonna sell out quick, Ddubs graciously purchased our tickets online... As the night drew near we wanted to get there early because we didn't know when they were gonna play.We skated to Irons pad and whipped up some cocktails pre-show to save chippers then hopped a taxi to the spot... not only were we early for Early Man, the place wasn't even opened yet!!! So feeling slightly tipsy we headed over to this bar down the street to grab a pitcher... Feeling pretty faded it was METAL TIME!!! So we get to the spot and we're pretty much the only people there till like 10:30... So after a few shots and a few more beers, the first band goes on ... Nihilist... And immediately after that I go deaf.... earplugs it is... People start to pour in, and Early Man is next up so we make our way up front and get ready for the pit... Or should I say Ddubs starts his own!!! Soon as Early Man starts to play the crowd gets loose and then Ddubs gets LOOSER!!! eventually colliding cheekbone to cheekbone with another cat...OUCH!!! They peel through their set and the horns are out!!! and soon as they finish their last song, we hop a cab and bounce DT to Voyer... By this time I'm fucking hammered and I'm not really ready to go from one extreme loud to another especially ELECTRO!!! So we slide in for free as usual and make our way to the bar AGAIN!!! A couple of more drinks and it's TIME TO BOUNCE!!! Irons heads home, Ddubs and I head to Brian's for some late night grindage... Feeling full from the omelette I just wolfed down, and still pretty hammered, a beautiful young lady saves me from what is sure to be a rough sleep on Ddubs floor and usher's me home for a good nigh sleep in my own bed... Thanks baby... I'd usually have more pics than this but I didn't have enough room on my chip... Enjoy.