Monday, November 16, 2009


My boy Damien over at Skate Standard put me up on this...

Beginning next week, the California Heritage Museum is presenting an exhibition celebrating the skateboard. The California-born sport spawned a wildly popular subculture across the globe. The influence of art on the skateboarding lifestyle (and vice versa) is made evident by the various deck iterations and vibrant designs featured on them over the years.

November 14, 2009 through May 30, 2010

California Heritage Museum
2612 Main Street in Santa Monica
General admission is only $3!

From the CHM:
Guest curated by legendary Z-boy Nathan Pratt in conjunction with museum staff curator Michael Trotter and advisory committee members Jeff Ho, Skip Engblom (Zephyr co-founders), Cris Dawson (1966 Hobie Champ), Z-Boys Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta, and 1980’s world champion Christian Hosoi, the exhibition traces the evolution of boards from pre-1950 to the present showcasing the riders, designers, artists, and manufacturers that created the California phenomenon known as the skateboard. From the first planks of wood with metal roller skate wheels nailed to the bottom to the modern polyurethane wheels and kicktails, the boards have rocketed the skaters to greater heights of performance and style while taking “sidewalk surfing” from a homegrown activity to a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

Visit the California Heritage Museum website for more information.