Sunday, March 1, 2009


Saturday was my ace Mark aka Style, aka Question's birthday, and like always it was in full effect!!! the usual suspects were in attendance, to many to name but you know who you are!!! And a DJ Style birthday wouldn't be the same without kids, animals, and a endless tray of salted pepper chicken wings!!! and usually I man the grill, but I had a show later that night and couldn't smell like Korean BBQ all night, so I played the back...Oh and did I mention the cake? every year our boy Jeff from Rhino Cake
Co. whips up a personalized joint that is always ILL!!! this year was an A# cake made out of Rice Krispy Treats, banana cream, and chocolate....Whoa!!! so after 100 plates of everything, a few laughs, and some good old fashioned hanging out, we called it a day...since Mark was born on Feb 29th, he is technically only 9 years old and needed to go beddy bye....So big up's to the Cruz's for the hospitality and eats, always a great time!!! see you guys next year!!!