Monday, March 30, 2009


Well let me just start off by saying, I'M OLD!!! but... I've been eating really healthy for the past few weeks and I can feel my strength and energy returning and that was evident by all the things i did this weekend... So it goes like this, it's Thursday night, myself and Iron Mike are spinning at El Dorado Bar for our boy Ikah Love's Grown Folk Shit night... but before we get there, the word is that there's a little shindig happening at Stingeree for Iron Mike's job... so Ddubs, myself, and Alyasha shoot down there to see what the hubbub was... oh by the way, it was for Joseph Abboud and it was a suit and tie affair... but being the party crashers we are, we show up... not in suits, and its ALRIGHT!!! I guess the dude from the TV show Mad Men was there and he pretty much ended up chilling with us the whole evening, cuz we don't SUCK!!! so to make along story short, we had some drinks, some really good food, the usual shit talking, then it was off to El Dorado... My night was going well, till I caught wind of some bad news...long story... but anyway, I wasn't going to let it ruin my night... So I proceeded to get FUCKED UP! and had a grand ol' time... there was some complications at the end with the bar tab? kinda fucked up but whatever... So it was off to get some sleep, and prepare myself for Friday's events... see Day 2...